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Trusted by 2400+ users, Bluminethemes site templates help you make
beautiful responsive sites.

Carefully crafted with attention to every detail. Simply the best site templates out there...


We integrate the latest web-design trends to help you create a modern website. Parallax effects, CSS3 animations and transitions, full-width images; the list goes on.


All our site templates are fully responsive. We test them on iOS, Android and Windows Phone to make sure they are accessible for every single one of your visitors.


No matter what kind of content you put in there. No matter what kind of photos you take. No matter what media you’re sharing. These will all look great in your site template.

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Screenshot - Nantria
Nantria $17
Screenshot - Weny
Weny $11
Screenshot - Noli
Noli $11
Screenshot - Cany
Cany $8
Screenshot - Yose
Yose $7
Screenshot - Eri
Eri $7
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